Activities: Chicken, Pig, Cow

Click any image below for free downloadable activity sheets based on the picture book series, “Chicken, Pig, Cow”.

Barnyard Buddies

Colour Chicken, Pig, Cow any way you like.
Cut out their characters and their Popsicle-stick barn.
Use as paper dolls to make your own story or glue/tape in place.
See coloured samples.

























Where are Chicken, Pig, Cow Now?

Draw the background to show Chicken, Pig and Cow's next adventure.














Home is Where the Heart Is

In  "Chicken, Pig, Cow on the Move", the three friends look for a new home.  Draw what you would think would make a great place for the best friend buddies to live in!















What a Mix Up!

Colour then cut along the dotted lines to mix it up.


















Popsicle-Stick Puppets

Cut out Chicken, Pig and Cow for your own barnyard fun.
Thanks to Janet Stephens for this great preschool idea.