Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Purple Problem

Author/Illustrator: Ruth Ohi
Annick Press
Language: English, Simplified Chinese

* Canadian Children's Book Centre "Best Books" 2011
* A "Books for Everybody" 2010 Selection
* Resource Links Year's Best 2010 Selection




Canadian Children's Book News:
"...simple, witty text and delightful watercolour illustrations..."

Resource Links:
“Ruth Ohi once again captures the magic of imagination…This gentle story of friendship will easily become a favorite of the preschool crowd.”

Quill & Quire (starred review):
"As always, Ohi’s warm watercolours bring her subjects to life. Her prose is spare and evocative, full of simple sentences that pack in loads of humour, warmth, and character. And in the simplest, least preachy way, she deals with the challenges of early childhood: achieving independence, making friends, and developing a sense of self…

It helps to have read the first two Chicken, Pig, Cow books before reading this one, if only to see how the three friends’ sense of independence grows with each new adventure. But in the end, it’s not essential to read them in order–just read them.”

Canadian Materials ( Highly Recommended, 4/4 stars):
“The theme of being unique is presented with beautiful simplicity in this book. Children will relate to the purple problem by identifying something that makes them unique or different. Ohi’s message is clear: everyone is different, but it is these differences that make us who we are.

Ohi’s watercolour illustrations support the text and add humour. In fact, the story tells itself through the pictures, making it a great book for preschoolers to read independently. Children will appreciate the funny details in the illustrations which are never mentioned in the story. The vocabulary and sentence structure are simple enough for preschoolers to understand but still contain warmth and humour. “

Who ever heard of a purple cow?

How come Cow’s spots are purple, when other cows are gray or brown? Fed up with being different, Cow sets out on a quest to change how she looks–but will her friends recognize her when she comes home?