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Fox and Squirrel Help Out

by Ruth Ohi
(Scholastic Canada)

* CBC Fall Books Selection
*49th Shelf Thanksgiving Book Selection

Fall 2018

Fox and Squirrel both have something to offer when they need to care for a little one.

When a baby bat drops in (literally, straight out of the sky), Fox is immediately taken with this soft, sweet creature and rushes to take care of it. Squirrel is less sure this is a welcome intrusion. The new squeaky stranger can't keep up with all their favourite activities and doesn't seem to even realize how exciting Squirrel is. Can Fox and Squirrel come together to figure out what Squeak needs?

Fox and Squirrel Make a Friend

by Ruth Ohi (Scholastic Canada)

*  Toronto Public Library "First & Best" Selection
*  Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books Selection
*  A Lambton County Storywalk Selection

Fox and Squirrel

by Ruth Ohi (Scholastic Canada)

* Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Nominee
* Saskatchewan Shining Willow Nominee
* Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books
* CBC Canadian Picture Books Every Home Should Have Selection
* Indigo Books Best of Preschoolers

Fox and Squirrel The Best Christmas Ever

by Ruth Ohi (Scholastic Canada)

*  Children's Book Centre Best Books Selection
*  Children's Book Centre Let's Celebrate Selection