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Author/Illustrator:  Ruth Ohi/ Scholastic Canada

 Synopsis: Fox and Squirrel are getting ready for the festive season, but they can’t seem to agree on how to celebrate. This companion book to Fox and Squirrel Make a Friend continues the adventures of two lovable, but very different friends. With spare text and expressive watercolour illustrations, it is a heartwarming tale about the importance of friendship.

Also available in French: Rikki et Rouquin : Le plus beau Noël

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* A Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books Seleciton

Canadian Children's Book Centre:  BookNews Magazine, Winter 2016 Vol.39 No.4
A "Let's Celebrate!" Selection
"A nice cozy read in the weeks leading up to the holidays, either in the classroom or at home, with a story that is both enjoyable and can lead to further discussion."

Bookish Notions:
"In addition to being a Christmas story, this book is very much about friendship. It reinforces the fact that sometimes friends—ever best friends—don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean you stop being friends. In the spirit of the season, these two discover that being together is what really matters."

CanLit for Little Canadians:
" In Fox and Squirrel, the Best Christmas Ever, the two are able to work through the ever-common stress of the holidays and find it’s the gift  of their friendship that makes the season ... Fox and Squirrel exude affection for each other and life, and young readers will feel welcomed to enjoy the snow and the season with the two friends."

Canadian Materials:
"Children will love this book which is filled with lots of coloured illustrations and relatable characters. Adults will love the lessons of compromise that are taught - not only in this book but in all of the “Fox and Squirrel” books." (Highly Recommended.  4/4 stars - reviewed by Lisa Case)

* An EverythingMom "Holiday Christmas Book Countdown" Selection

* An International Festival of Authors Holiday Book Selection