The Writers' Union of Canada Holiday Card

Honoured for the chance to illustrate The Writers' Union of Canada Holiday Card. Not only is the Union an invaluable resource and advocate for Canadian authors, they offer funding for hosts wishing to bring authors to their readers. Thank you, Writers' Union, for all you do. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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I am Canada

Excited to be part of this!

Written by Heather Patterson   

Illustrations by Jeremy Tankard,Ruth Ohi,Barbara Reid,Jon Klassen,Marie-Louise Gay,Danielle Daniel,Ashley Spires,Geneviève Côté,Cale Atkinson,Doretta Groenendyk,Qin Leng,Eva Campbell,Irene Luxbacher.

Simple text describes the ample space available to our children in this country, and the freedom they have to grow and dream and share. With artwork from 13 of Canada’s finest illustrators, each page is a celebration and a reminder of the infinite variety of our home and native land.

"Fox and Squirrel the Best Christmas Ever" - 4/4 Stars

4/4 stars!  Thank you Canadian Materials for this lovely review for FOX AND SQUIRREL THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (Scholastic Canada).

"Children will love this book which is filled with lots of coloured illustrations and relatable characters. Adults will love the lessons of compromise that are taught - not only in this book but in all of the “Fox and Squirrel” books." (Highly Recommended.  4/4 stars - reviewed by Lisa Case)


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