Author/Illustrator:  Ruth Ohi
Scholastic Canada
Languages: English, French, Korean

*  Best Books Selection - The Canadian Children's Book Centre
*  A TD Summer Reading Club Recommended Read 2016
CBC Books Spring Preview Pick
*  Quill and Quire Spring Preview Pick
*  A Jbrary Picture Books Preview Selection



The Book Wars:
"Ohi shows how much more they can accomplish when they find a way to make their differences work for them instead of against them. It’s a touching story that offers different things to different readers. Personally, I was glad to see a picturebook subtly encourages people to examine differences rather than seeking out only similarities between each other. What is marvellous is how clearly this complex message is conveyed over thirty pages and how deeply the message is felt. It’s no wonder that Ohi is described as one of the premier Canadian illustrators and authors for children. "

CM Magazine:
"Readers will be inspired to look at squiggles in a new way and will eagerly turn their own scribbles into something new and surprising. The final image of Circle, Square, Triangle and Scribble transformed into a rocket ship, blasting into the unknown, nicely sums up the book: fuelled by creativity, the sky is the limit." (Highly Recommended/Linda Ludke, Librarian)


Book trailer for SCRIBBLE (Scholastic Canada): Circle, Square and Triangle are doing just fine--but when Scribble 'draws' them together, their imaginations soar. twitter: @Ruth_Ohi

Circle, Square and Triangle are doing just fine -- but when Scribble draws them together, their imaginations soar.

Circle loves to roll -- around and around.  Solid Square likes to sit still and strong.   Triangle can celebrate all her good points, and always knows which direction to go.  But when Scribble suddenly dashes through their ordered world -- all messy lines and energy --Circle, Square and Triangle don't know what to think.

But turns out just a zig zag here and a wavy line there are all that's needed to stir imaginations, and soon the shapes find themselves working as a team, on a course for adventure!


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