Activities: Scribble

Click any image below for free downloadable activity sheets based on the picture book, SCRIBBLE.



What can you turn these scribbles into?







Scribble Headband

Click the icon to download a pdf printable crown/headband.
Cut along dotted lines.
Tape or staple end C to B on the long strips.
Tape or staple end A to D, adjusting the ends to fit the head.
Tape or glue the characters to the headband.

Note:  Make your own shape characters out of coloured construction paper or crayon. 
Add scribbles to your shape creation.  Glue on a swirl length of wool for Scribble.  What about using pipecleaners? 




Add YOUR Scribble

Add your own scribble--add arms, legs, faces. What can you turn these shape combos into with a few scribbles.  Do you see an animal? an object? an imaginary beast? perhaps something not yet invented? Flip over the paper and start with your own shape creations.










What Can YOU Create?

Cut out the shapes. Or use construction paper to make your own shapes.  Arrange and glue shapes on another piece of paper to create characters, objects, faces. Add your scribbles - use crayons to add scribble details like faces, wheels, arms & legs.








Scribble Scrawls Activity

Scribble a scribble.  Have your friend use a different colour
to turn your scribble into something. Now it's their turn to scribble!



Create your own circle, square, triangle and scribble creation in the heart frame.











Scribble Bookmarkers.











Twelve 4x2 inch Scribble Bookplates











Scribble Heart Frame Colour











Scribble Letter Head Colour No Lines











Scribble Letterhead Colour With Lines











Scribble Border Black & White