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Author/Illustrator: Ruth Ohi
Scholastic Canada
Language: English, French, Spanish, Korean, Turkish

*  Ontario Library Association "Best Bet" Top Ten Picture Book
*  Indigo "Best Books" (Ages 3-5)
*  Canadian Children's Book Centre "Best Books"
*  A CBC Books Children's Book Panel Pick

Kirkus Reviews:
"A playfully oblique exposition of the perils and pitfalls of sibling rivalry.....pastel colors beautifully illustrate the humorous, understated text while making the joke completely apparent."

School Library Journal:
"Readers will recognize the familiar conflict of emotions typical of most sibling relations, and smile at the honest portrayal."
(review by Lucia Acosta for SHH! MI HERMANO ESTA DURMIENDO (Picarona) - the Spanish edition of Shh! My Brother's Napping)

National Post:
"...It is with this in mind that we present The Small Picture, in which National Post books editor Mark Medley presents his current favourite Canadian picture books." (see video here)

National Reading Campaign's 'Readerly':
"Shh!  My Brother’s Napping, radiates with warmth and good humour and is the perfect naptime read...Ohi’s comedic timing is perfect. There is wonderful interplay between the big brother’s understated, rhyming verse narration, and the cartoon illustrations that reveal his mischievous actions." (by Linda Ludke/full review here)

A Canadian Children's Book Centre Family Day Selection:
"The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has compiled a list of Canadian books that share in the joys (and struggles) of families of all sizes and combinations, and invite conversation for readers of all ages."

Storytime Standouts:
"Ruth Ohi's picture book "Shh! My Brother's Napping" is a highlight of 2014.  From cover to cover the characters ooze personality."

The Vancouver Sun:
"Ohi is an adept visual storyteller, illustrating her story with the panache and expressiveness of a silent comedy. So effective are the sight gags and physical humour that young readers will be able to imaginatively hear the noisy soundtrack."

CanLit for LittleCanadians:
"Ruth Ohi speaks to relationships between friends or family members, both positive and those in need of reconciliation...Shh! My Brother's Napping is a delightful tale of sibling love from several angles, including the one from which Mommy observes them." (Read full review here)

Guelph Mercury:
"Young families will recognize themselves in this charming tribute to naptime, and the daily struggle to make the most of it each day." (full review here)

The Star Phoenix:
"Ohi centres on the daily ups and downs in the relationships between siblings (Me and My Brother) and friends (Chicken, Pig, Cow series) with a knowing, amused eye and loving touch."

(c) 2015 Ruth Ohi / "Shh!my brother's napping" (Scholastic canada) / / twitter: @ruth_ohi

(c) 2015 Ruth Ohi / "Shh!my brother's napping" (Scholastic canada) / / twitter: @ruth_ohi

City Parent:
"Ruth Ohi's descriptive art captures familiar “shh” in this charming book that both kids and parents will enjoy."

Shh! My Brother's Napping (Scholastic Canada): Korean, French, Spanish, Belgium's MIJADE Edition.

Shh! My Brother's Napping (Scholastic Canada): Korean, French, Spanish, Belgium's MIJADE Edition.


"Shh! My brother's napping. He really needs his sleep," admonishes our adorable narrator at the outset of this story.  But there are pots to bang, books to read, towers to build, pictures to paint, and all sorts of fun to be had. It's just so hard not to make any noise!

After a tower of books and blocks comes crashing down, little brother is wide awake and it's finally time to bring out the rest of the toys and have some fun!  But who's that yawning now? This time, it's little brother's turn to tell us, "Shh, my brother's napping."