Activities: Shh! My Brother's Napping

Click any image below for free downloadable activity sheets based on the picture book, SHH! MY BROTHER’S NAPPING”.



Pajama Party

Decorate Mouse's Pajamas with crayons, stamps or stickers.
Thanks to Tina Dolcetti for this Activity Sheet idea!















What can a circle be?














Before I Nap

Draw what you like to do before a nap. 
Hug a friend? Read a story?  Have a snack?














Drawing Dreams

Draw in the Dream Bubble your favourite, craziest or funniest dream.















Colour Chaos

Is this quiet or noisy?  Colour any way you like.  What else can you add to this picture for more crazy tumble fun?   Add actions lines or speech bubbles.









Door Knocker
Use templates to create your own Napping Door Knocker or make Mouse's with your own personal style using crayons, markers and/or stickers. 

Click icon for a Mouse Door Knocker.
Click here for one without Mouse.












Spot the Difference

Can you spot 11 differences between these two pictures?
Click here to download the answer.