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Photo: Val Keleman

Photo: Val Keleman

I greatly enjoy sharing my work through a wide variety of presentations and workshops.
Please let me know if there's a particular format or subject you are interested in.
Thank you for considering my sessions!


A Sample School/Library Session:

Using examples from recent releases, I share the steps and stages in making a picture book--where ideas come from, rough sketches, original paintings, production proofs from the publisher, Q&A and an interactive drawing demonstration. Kids are then keen for a 10-15 minute hands on workshop, especially tailored for their age group.  Kids discover they can make anything happen with just pencil, paper and a little imagination.  I enjoy speaking one on one with as many as possible during this time.  Other topics may include: Life of an Author/Illustrator,  Tips on How to Get Published, Storyboarding, Creating Characters, Composition, Inspiration & Creativity. 

Typically a school or library visit is 40-60 minutes. Kindergarten presentations are 45 minutes. If outside Toronto, a minimum booking of two presentations is appreciated.

My visit can be adapted to suit any age group.  The below age ranges seem to work well:
(includes career and business experiencess)

Maximum Audience Size:  100-120 students allow those at the back to see my original artwork and drawing demo at the front of the room. Larger audiences mean those in the back (unless stadium seating is involved) will not be able to see what's going on and miss out.  My most successful sessions are when the age range is kept to a minimum.
eg.  Group One:  JK/SK, Group Two: Grades 1-2

Photos are welcome, but no audio/video recording please.
Thank you for understanding.

Photo: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Photo: Debbie Ridpath Ohi


Please contact me if interested in a festival, keynote or extended workshop presentation.

Over the past several years, I've had the pleasure of presenting across Canada at events such as the Alberta Library Association Conference in Jasper, Edmonton's Early Childhood Education Conference, Saskatchewan's Festival of Words, Calgary's Wordfest, Moncton's Frye Festival and Nanaimo's Children's Book Festival.  I've shared my work at schools and libraries from Newfoundland to Nanaimo to the Northwest Territories.  I enjoyed visiting libraries and schools in Northern Manitoba in 2016 and look forwards to visiting Western Canada in 2017.  I was excited to be a workshop leader for the 2016 Durham Catholic School Board Full Day Kindergarten Summer Camp. I enjoyed being the 2011-2012 Writer-in-Residence for the Toronto District School Board  and a 2013 and 2015 instructor for Toronto Public Library's "Create the Next Great Picture Book" --a four week workshop for ages 8-12.  I love connecting with kids!

A common question:  "How do you pronounce your name?"  Click here for 'TeachingBooks Audio Name Pronounciation' where I say my name.

Please contact me if interested in booking a visit!